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Legs in Chonta palm wood, structure in turned wood and hand woven basket by the artisans of Guacamayas, Boyacá. Iconic colombian design. 1993 design.


  • Ceci Arango artworks are alive, they are born of the hands of artisans and they are enriched with the use and the older they get. Each piece is unique since craftsmanship leaves a print of human hand and character on it. Any apparent imperfection of the material, natural movement, change of dimension or patina, is part of its nature and the respect the creator has for it.


    Take care of wood with vegetable oil, natural fibers with starch. Leather and iron with damp cloth and vegetable oil.


    We appreciate humbleness as the best value that one can have. This is projected in the honesty with which we manage materials, the expressivity of human work in craftsmanship that makes each piece unique, social and anthropologically important and constructive pureness of our assembling left at sight, which are part of the integral aesthetics of our designs. Our perfection is the beauty of human imperfection, and our luxury is humility. We don’t feign wealth.

  • Este producto se entrega en 30 días calendario. En caso de que el producto se encuentre en inventario se puede hacer envio inmedianto. 

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