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Weaving Cultural Identity Since 1990


Crafts and Peace

I have always believed that crafts lead to peace, because it values ​​what is not valued by the colonial mentality, because it remembers our origins, because it projects the best of us, because it gives work to the humble ...


Weaving is patience, it's calmness, it's thinking, it's meditating, it's giving time to time, it's intertwining ideas to create thoughts and interweaving them to create coexistence. Weaving is peace.


My love for Colombia has made me very close to the countryside, however I have found in my country and in the world, that this ideal paradise of the countryside is also plagued with waste from the industrial civilization. This led me to create a recycling project.


I started working with the colombian cultural identity, but I realized that ancestral cultures were similar if their natural environment was similar, just as human beings of the 21st century have similar problems and reactions to them. A basket from Colombia resembles one from Egypt, as today a bag from Colombia resembles one from Japan. So today I work with the ancient cultures of the world.

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Origin of the work

The indigenous people, along with the Afro-descendants and peasants have been my masters. Defending their cultural identity in the international contemporary world through my art language is defending myself.

"Tejer es paciencia, es calma, es pensar, es meditar, es darle tiempo al tiempo, es entrelazar ideas para crear pensamientos y entretejerlos para crear convivencia. Tejer es paz, la paz que todos necesitamos. Las ideas entrelazadas construyen un trabajo unido en el que las ideas son enriquecedoras. Mi propósito es tejer la riqueza con la pobreza, el júbilo con drama, el poder con la necesidad, la teoría con la experiencia, el escepticismo con la fe..."

Ceci Arango

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